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Frequently Asked Questions

Help!  My QuickBooks records are a disaster and I need them cleaned up, reconciled, categorized, etc.
What do I need to do first?

First of all, take a deep breath.  One of my old accounting friends used to say "There is no such thing as an accounting emergency." This is true most of the time.  Email me with a few details of your current situation and we can go from there.

I would like to hire you to start doing bookkeeping for my business.  What do I need to do first and what should I expect?

Email me!  We can schedule a 15-20 minute consultation phone call to discuss the details of your business and the services that would be the best fit for you.  From there, I will send out an engagement letter to be signed and set up your Google Drive shared folder so you can start sending me bank statements and other necessary documents.  We will get your cloud accounting software account going if necessary and I will be in touch by email with any questions I have about your business and the transactions I am seeing.  It takes a cycle or two to learn about your business and get into a routine, but once we get there, it runs very smoothly!

I would like to hire you for tax preparation services.  What do I need to do first and what should I expect?

Email me!  I will send out an engagement letter and set up your Google Drive shared folder so you can start sending me a copy of your prior year tax return and current year tax return documents.  I will also send you a tax organizer for you to complete as best as you can.  Once I have these items completed, I will start on your return.  I will email you with any questions or missing pieces of information to complete the return.  Once those issues are resolved, you will receive a draft copy of the return and Form 8829 to sign and return authorizing me to e-file your tax return.  After the tax return has been e-filed and accepted, I will upload the final copy of your tax return for you to print and/or save for your records.

Your bookkeeping services mention that you reconcile one financial account per package?  What is a financial account?

A financial account is most likely a business checking account, a business savings account, or a business credit card account.  If you don't have separate business accounts set up, it could also include personal bank accounts and credit cards.  

Why do you do all your work and communications online?

Most to all of our communications and work together will be online through the use of e-mail and a shared Google Drive folder.  I do not work your typical 8-5 hours as I am a full-time mom to two adorable little girls.  I work all hours of the days, evenings, and weekends and online work allows me to do that!  I also find that my clients are not working on their tax and accounting matters during the business day, so it benefits them as well.  And I don't know about you guys, but I do EVERYTHING online, so why not do your taxes and accounting online too!

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